Brakes, oh brakes

Bled the brakes today, and while test-driving today the rear left drum began to grind..
“Oh no” was my initial thought. I hate working on drums. Seriously, drum brakes are the second worst job after cleaning toilets at a rock’n’roll bar. Just plain sucks, but it had to be done.

So the brake was stuck.. disassembled the entire thingamagoo and found out the cylinder had stuck wide open, resulting in shoes worn to the metal. Uh oh… Better have them replaced. Now I don’t know where I can find shoes for a 40 year old car, but will make some phone calls on monday.

Here’s a few pics.
First, a note to my self how things are fit together so I don’t get lost when assembling it again. Note the left shoe, completely worn down. No, not a single fraction of a millimeter left.
Rear brakes

Second, inside of the drum assembly after thorough cleaning. Got the cylinder unstuck by various creative uses of .. force. Lubed it up and seems to work like a charm now. Unfortunately the cylinder rubbers were quite disintegrated, propably a serious reason as to why the cylinder was so stuck.
Rear brakes

Now I just have to get two pairs of new shoes and Franz will be smiling again. Meanwhile I’m cleaning out all the brake parts, they are all re-usable except for the rubbers.

Todays favourite tool: the sledge hammer.

2 Responses to Brakes, oh brakes

  1. Jonathan says:

    Know how you feel – I’m doing my drum brakes too!!!
    If you need new brake linings, you can get them refaced by a brake centre – not expensive.
    The calipers can also be rebuilt so they stop leaking. Good luck.

    By the way, Do you have a photo from before you took them apart? If you have can you please send it to me as I have forgotten which way round all the parts go!

  2. Layne says:

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