Doing the purge..

Had trouble finding the recommended product, Liqui-Moly Diesel Purge, so I went with what’s available. A can of Wynn’s Diesel Clean-Up.
Ran the can through the engine and got out some nasty stuff.. Yeow!

Here’s what I bought..
Wynn’s diesel clean-up

After some idling and running ’round on that can here’s what came out of the fuel return. Plain nasty.
Diesel purge result

What the primary filter contained.. replaced both primary and secondary filter while I was at it..
Primary fuel filter

Will run some biocide through the engine too, some says the blackness is algae. You now, plants growing in my engine. Won’t allow that, now will we?

One Response to Doing the purge..

  1. Wynnsbutiken says:

    Now you can buy Wynn’s products online in Sweden at

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