Interior work

Got myself a Becker Mexico from eBay. Of course it didn’t fit since the finnies had the earlier, smaller, non-cassette units originally, but I really wanted a cassette player in the unit since it’s so easy to add a line input to them. An hour or so grinding and filing on the dash, and see, it now fits perfectly! Looks much better than the previous setup (actually got some complaints about that butt-ugly radio). The hideous knob-panel is still there but it isn’t really that noticeable where it sits, mounted so low.
If you’re curious as to what all those extra gizmos are, they are (from left)

  • Windshield washer actuator (original foot pump had decayed to dust)
  • Pre-glow knob, pull and it glows! (automatic glowing is sooo cheap!)
  • Knob for fan mounted at rear window, to cool back seat passengers
  • Lamp for that fan.. very exciting
  • Engine vacuum shut-off valve
  • Yes I will remake that panel some other day in matching style to the rest of the interior but that’ll do for now.
    Interior shot 2

    Barely visible in the photo is the new carpets which I got for some $20. They are by no means a perfect fit but they’re blue, they were cheap and they really freshened up the interior quite a bit.

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