Hot and cool

April 22, 2007

This is what’s been up lately..

  • Radiator and all hoses are mounted
  • Exhaust system completed
  • Oil filter mounting completed
  • Shift stick linkage completed
  • Let’s begin with the radiator

    It was a fairly easy job. I used a standard Behr-radiator that came along with the 300D-engine. Has an transmission oil cooler in the bottom. The Behr is a bit narrower than the original ’68 radiator so I created simple mountings that holds it firmly in place, shown here:
    Radiator mountings

    Here’s the completed assembly with all the hoses connected. The transmission cooler lines are connected but not shown in the picture. Note how well the heater water connection connects up:
    Radiator assembly

    Then the exhaust system

    The front part came also along with the engine and fitted surprisingly well. Okay there wasn’t much marginals between the steering linkage but it did go in. Everything after the foremost part was the old pipe from the W110.
    Here’s the front part
    Exhaust front part

    And a shot from underneath, some cutting and welding hade to be done for the W123 and W110-parts to talk to each other:
    Exhaust underneath

    The oil filter relocation is also done

    Here’s the completed oil filter plate adaptor
    Oil plate adaptor complete
    (Thanks to Conny for some fabulous welding!)
    The small pipe in the bottom is for the oil pressure line. This normally comes out of the filter housing but not anymore on this engine..

    A closeup of the installation
    Oil plate adaptor installed

    And an overview (a bit messy picture)
    Oil plate overview

    Finally a word about the shift stick linkage

    A pretty straight forward job, there was a clear path from the shifter levers down to the transmission, so all I did was make up an appropriate lengt rod with connectors at each end. Missed to take a picture of this and it’s useless to shoot one now, but if you ever find yourself doing this same job you’ll find the job a piece of cake.

    Other things

    I have to relocate the battery to somewhere else, this is what I had in mind. Inspired by the later models.
    Battery new location?
    It’s the rusty plate with traces of blue in the picture. Fits in to that space, just have to fabricate something that attaches it to the chassis. This is a job for another day though.

    That’s all for now.