The other car

March 9, 2008

Some people expressed interest in my other car, a ’71 280S (W108) that has gotten a OM617 and five-speed manual transplanted into. Here’s a few relevant pictures, they are not of the best quality but it’s quite hard to take decent pictures down in the engine compartment.
I bought the car this way, and haven’t done the conversion myself.

First, a overview
W108 overview pic

Close-up of the engine, two pictures. This is a OM617.910 (“240D 3.0”, NA), that was installed in W115 75-76-models. It has a more rounded intake manifold, as seen, and the oil filter housing is located differently than later OM617’s. Note that original air filter housing has been used, and radiator/oil cooler are also original.
W108 front view
w108 engine side view

Passenger side engine mounting arm, this is probably the W115-arm that was included with the engine. The rubber piece is very similar to those in W123, maybe it’s from one.
w108 engine mounting passenger side

Drivers side, appears also be the arm from W115, and rubber from god knows where.
w108 engine mounting drivers side

Two interior shots, one of the shifter (from a W123?) and one of the gorilla knob.
w108 interior shifter
w108 gorilla knob

Some of the pictures hints quite a lot of rust. Yes there are rust on visible spots, but the whole underbody is very clean and newly welded where needed. Also the interior is horrible, it’s missing pieces and seats are torn, I’m going to get a whole interior from a spare parts car and swap that in, whenever time permits.

Interior work

July 14, 2007

Got myself a Becker Mexico from eBay. Of course it didn’t fit since the finnies had the earlier, smaller, non-cassette units originally, but I really wanted a cassette player in the unit since it’s so easy to add a line input to them. An hour or so grinding and filing on the dash, and see, it now fits perfectly! Looks much better than the previous setup (actually got some complaints about that butt-ugly radio). The hideous knob-panel is still there but it isn’t really that noticeable where it sits, mounted so low.
If you’re curious as to what all those extra gizmos are, they are (from left)

  • Windshield washer actuator (original foot pump had decayed to dust)
  • Pre-glow knob, pull and it glows! (automatic glowing is sooo cheap!)
  • Knob for fan mounted at rear window, to cool back seat passengers
  • Lamp for that fan.. very exciting
  • Engine vacuum shut-off valve
  • Yes I will remake that panel some other day in matching style to the rest of the interior but that’ll do for now.
    Interior shot 2

    Barely visible in the photo is the new carpets which I got for some $20. They are by no means a perfect fit but they’re blue, they were cheap and they really freshened up the interior quite a bit.

    Premiere trip

    June 7, 2007

    So Franz finally got some fresh air and sun.
    Last thursday the time had come to test drive Franz a bit to see how things are working out.
    Below is the video of Franzes first run, ever!

    Immediately noticed that loud clicking sound coming from underneath (that’s why I look so worried), I checked it out on friday and it turned to be a loose bolt on the cardan shaft mounting at the flex plate. That’s wrenched tight now and everything seems to be running fine.

    Test drove once more again and Franz merrily speeds up to 50km/h and the tranny is shifting smooth as silk (went up to third). Maybe that quick and dirty vacuum job really does work?? 🙂 Didn’t want to run faster due to limited space at the site, the cardan shaft is still only temporarily welded together and the brakes definitively needs some working.

    Also noticed a small dripping oil leak from a line going to the oil pressure gauge, think I fixed it now.

    Current status is that Franz is once again standing on four steel legs, took the cardan shaft off to get it to a professional machine shop for welding and balancing. Been doing some interior work now. Hooked up a radio (although no speakers yet), lubricated all the wires from dash to the heater (levers hardly moved before) and began polishing up the chromework. Some fun-to-do smaller jobs, I really need them now as relaxation from the pulling engines / wrenching cardans-type of jobs.

    Here’s a picture of the interior, if you’ve ever been in a fintail you’ll notice this is not particulary different. Not a show car but nothing is cracked or broken, could be polished a bit to a nice shine. New carpets and more, could make a difference!
    Interior shot

    What’s missing?

    May 20, 2007

    Automatic transmissions is the shit.
    No more than two pedals are required, lol, so I threw out the clutch and it’s associated hydraulic cylinders, pipes and reservoirs.

    Picture says: no more pedals than a car needs!
    Two pedals

    This was definitively a PITA-type of job. The bolt holding down the pedal assebly is almost impossible to reach. But I did say almost, and I did remove the excessive clutch pedal. 🙂