Done: Oil cooler

May 20, 2007

oil cooler mounted
Got myself an oil cooler! A friend has a for-parts-W108 sitting in his barn, he said go ahead an pick whatever you want so I did.. His oil cooler now sits in the front of my car (that is, after cleaning it, picking out two spiders and giving it a light coat of black paint). Also got myself some hydraulic hoses (again from AMAB Hydraul as were the earlier ones) to connect the cooler to the oil filter.
Here’s the result.

Steel plate-o-rama

January 16, 2007

A couple of pictures from the oil filter relocation kit progress.

First off, the plate that covers old mounting holes for the filter.
Attentive readers notice that there’s nowhere to attach the oil pressure gauge hose. Yes that’s one more hole to be drilled .. (To less attentive readers: this picture is taken just behind the injection pump).
Oil filter adapter plate

Here’s the new filter location. Test mounted the engine to see if the filter would fit in that space and it did with ample room around.
Oil filter adapter plate

And here’s a profile view to show more clearly how the plate bends to keep the filter straight.
Oil filter adapter plate

Now I need some hydraulic hose and fittings to make these two plates connect.

Houston, we lost oil pressure

January 9, 2007

After talking to three other people that had made conversions similar to mine (OM616 transplated into W110 body) I came to the conclusion that the oil filter housing must be moved to get the shift stick linkage free.

So.. off you go, ugly oil filter. Engine fits better now, sits very straight and stick moves freely.
Picture below shows the very satisfactoring result. Left circle indicates previous mounting location of the oil filter housing, and right circle shows the linkage with stick fully turned clockwise.
oil filter removed

So, what now? Running the new revolutionary filterless engine?
Not really. Since Fattie Franz haven’t got power steering, what am I gonna do with a hydraulic pump I thought and removed the pump. The filter housing fits quite nicely on the location where the pump was.. This week or maby later the filter relocation adapter set is going to be manufactured. Have som ideas, yet to see if they work or not.